40L Animal Cell Stainless Steel Bioreactor
40L Animal Cell Stainless Steel Bioreactor

40L Animal Cell Stainless Steel Bioreactor

Mammal cell bioreactor (stainless steel, top entry magnetic drive, safe and efficient, simple and elegant), applied for production systems of mammal and animal cells cultures through batch feeding or continuous perfusion.
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The large-scale culture technology of animal cells (hybridoma cells, CHO cells, insect cells, etc.) and its bioreactor engineering system can be widely used in research, process development and industrial production of antibodies, recombinant protein drugs, viral vaccines and other biotechnological products.

Working volume: 10/20/30/50/80/100/200L/300L/500L/1000L/5000L

Main body material: 316L stainless steel

Transmission mode: mechanical stirring with double-end seal under shaft coupling drive or mechanical stirring with upper suspension magnetic transmission (without mechanical seal)

Turbine paddle

Gas: Four-way gas control (automatic control optional), micro-bubble and material bubble gas transmission system (special)

Sterilization occurs: in-situ automatic program sterilization

Control system: BLBIO-S biological process controller (Siemens PLC+touch screen)

Germany Baode solenoid valve, angle seat valve and diaphragm valve


bioreactor fermenter project case