LABOAO has a large number of experienced fermentation processes, and has provided bioreactor systems for more than 50 countries around the world, and has accumulated rich experience in bioreactor engineering such as design, production, installation, and commissioning. Our equipment parts use standard parts as much as possible, and the key parts are basically consistent with European products to ensure the quality of the products, and at the same time optimize the pipeline, facilitate maintenance and maintenance during operation, and reduce the use cost of customers.


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LABOAO is a manufacturer and technical service provider specializing in complete solutions of bioreactors. Has 15 years of experience in fermentation process research and fermentation equipment manufacturing. LABOAO focuses on the biopharmaceutical and bioengineering industries, and its production services include: R&D, design, manufacturing and verification of high-standard sanitary containers and modular process equipment; installation and verification services in pharmaceutical factories/workshops; biological and pharmaceutical engineering design and consulting Service; Committed to becoming a leading provider of overall solutions for biopharmaceutical engineering in China. Our bioreactors are mainly used for Escherichia coli, yeast, fungi, insect cells, plant cells and animal cell culture, etc. The application fields include medical vaccines, animal vaccines, antibodies, microbial fermentation, cell tissue engineering, stem cell culture, recombinant protein drugs It can also be used as a production-scale fermenter for laboratory-level research and pilot trials such as , antibiotics, enzymes, and biofuels.

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