5L Mechanical Mixing Animal Cell Bioreactor
5L Mechanical Mixing Animal Cell Bioreactor

5L Mechanical Mixing Animal Cell Bioreactor

Mammal cell bioreactor (glass tank, stainless steel, top entry magnetic drive, safe and efficient, simple and elegant). Applied for production systems of mammal and animal cell cultures through batch feeding or continuous perfusion.
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When animal cells are cultured in vitro, the bioreactor is the key equipment in the entire culture process, providing a suitable growth environment for the cells to rapidly proliferate and form the desired biological tissue products. Since animal cells are different from microbial cells in terms of their morphological structure, culture method and required mechanical environment, traditional microbial reactors are obviously not suitable for large-scale animal cell culture, especially the needs of tissue engineering. Research and development of bioreactors.

Cell Glass Bioreactor (3L-20L)

Full volume: 1L/3L/5L/7L/10L/15L/20L/50L

Main body material: borosilicate glass combined with 316L stainless steel

Transmission mode: Magnetic transmission (turbine stirring paddle)

Gas: five-way gas control (automatic control optional), microbubble and material bubble gas transmission system (special)

Sterilization occurs: off-site sterilization (sterilization pot)

Control system: LBR-D biological process controller (Siemens PLC+touch screen)

Germany Baode solenoid valve, angle seat valve and diaphragm valve


bioreactor fermenter project case