30L Triple Metabolic Flow Fermenter
30L Triple Metabolic Flow Fermenter

30L Triple Metabolic Flow Fermenter

Metabolic flow fermenter system, a sharp tool for research and process development in R&D enterprises. Our company's metabolic flow fermenter system can measure 17 different online parameters such as temperature, agitation speed, pH, dissolved oxygen, antifoam, air flow, tank pressure, two-way material supply, fermentation liquor volume, O2 and CO2 in exhaust gases, from which CUR, OUR, etc. can be calculated , provided that corresponding electrodes are attached. This system is suitable for metabolic studies of molecular and biological research.
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 The metabolic flow fermenter system is 316L stainless steel tank body, no dead angle in the tank body, spherical tank bottom head, better fluid performance and best mixing effect. The long glass sight glass is easy to observe the state of the tank, and the sight glass lamp is specially designed for quick interface, which is convenient and safe to operate. Standard pH, DO, and temperature interfaces are reserved, aseptic sampling and discharge ports are designed with multi-valve combination, and the tank top includes an inoculation port, a feeding port, a foam electrode port, an exhaust condenser port, and multiple spare ports. The pipeline valves are all made of stainless steel, special sanitary pipeline valves for food and fermentation, under the premise of achieving complete functions, simplify the pipeline design, reduce the chance of contamination, the structure is reasonable, and the appearance is elegant.

The stirring method adopts direct drive mechanical stirring or magnetic transmission mechanical stirring method, stepless speed regulation, and can run stably at lower and higher speeds without idling or slipping, and the speed measurement is accurate. The standard stirring paddle adopts closed six flat blades, and there are many other types of propellers to choose from, such as oblique blade propellers, turboprops, arrow blades, screw ribbon propellers, open six flat blades, etc. The position of the stirring paddle is adjustable, and it can also be freely combined with other paddle types to obtain the best fluid type. Reasonable baffle design can effectively eliminate the vortex generated during stirring, and obtain a higher secondary flow, which greatly improves the heat and mass transfer rate.

Volume: 5L-5000L, can analyze the molecular metabolic flow of the fermenter by detecting parameters such as fermentation heat OUR, CER, RQ, KLa, etc.

Ventilation: Multi-channel ventilation is adopted, and the thermal mass flowmeter automatically controls the air flow;

Pressure: Pressure control range: 0-0.3Mpa, pressure regulating valve adjusts the outlet pressure, digital remote display;

Stirring system: Stirring form: straight, oblique blade stirring paddle (multi-stage) SEW motor, using the direct coupling mechanical stirring driven by the upper part or the indirect coupling mechanical stirring method of the lower driving magnetic force, the structure is simple and the operation is stable;

Fermentation pH control function: intelligent PID control, Mettler PH electrode;

Fermentation dissolved oxygen control function: intelligent PID control, METTLER DO electrode;

Temperature control: intelligent PID control, electric heating, water cooling, circulating pump temperature control,

Feeding: perfect feeding system (acid, alkali, foaming enemy, culture agent), electronic balance weighing to control feeding amount;

Fermentation liquid weighing system: online detection of fermentation liquid volume* (weight), load cell * Mettler (Load cell) output electrical signal;

BLBIO-GC9000 On-line detection of O2 and CO2 content in tail gas (optional): Hartmann (Germany) tail gas analyzer is used to detect the content of CO2 and O2 in fermentation tail gas online, and the direction of metabolic flow can be determined by the volume of fermentation liquid combined with the ventilation rate. Respiratory quotient, etc., the data can be automatically recorded and saved for query and analysis;

LBR-JIP tank cover automatic lifting system (optional)

LBR-SIP tank pipeline automatic sterilization system (optional)

LBR-CIP tank automatic cleaning system (optional)

LBR-A type, B type, C type, D type control system optional: Siemens S7-200 series PLC control system, it is a mature, stable and general PLC, which can be suitable for various applications of automation, especially It is an application in manufacturing process control. Its modularization, easy to realize distributed configuration and easy to master, etc., Siemens PLC control core has become an economical and advanced control system in the implementation of biological reaction process control. The system uses a tablet computer of more than 10 inches to control or collect 17 direct parameters such as pH, DO, tank pressure, temperature, speed, air flow, exhaust O2, exhaust CO2, feeding weighing, fermentation broth volume, etc., and can calculate indirect parameters . The pH and DO electrodes can be easily calibrated through the software; the initial control state of the parameters can be set (the buyer must purchase an additional exhaust gas analyzer).


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