Dispensing Tank Dispensing Tank
Dispensing Tank Dispensing Tank

Dispensing Tank

The batching tank (including the concentrated mixing tank and the thin mixing tank) is a commonly used liquid medicine preparation container in various pharmaceutical factories and hospital preparation rooms
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Specifications: 30L~20000L

Material: stainless steel 316L or stainless steel 304

Surface treatment: inner surface roughness Ra0.28~0.6μm mechanical polishing, passivation or electric polishing (optional) outer surface roughness Ra0.6~0.8μm matte treatment

Stirring: bottom magnetic stirring or top mechanical stirring

Pressure: normal pressure or pressure vessel (-0.1~1Mpa)

Structure: single-layer cylinder, with jacket, with jacket and insulation

Jacket form: full jacket, honeycomb jacket and coil jacket

Insulation material, rock wool

Configuration: air respirator, thermometer, liquid level gauge, sanitary entry hole, sight glass, universal rotating cleaning ball or according to customer requirements.

Pressure Manufacturing Standard: GB150-1998, ASME or PED/23/EC


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