GMP Compliant Automatic Bioreactor System GMP Compliant Automatic Bioreactor System
GMP Compliant Automatic Bioreactor System GMP Compliant Automatic Bioreactor System

GMP Compliant Automatic Bioreactor System

The LBR-XSJA-GMP series fermentation tank is a bacterial culture equipment that fully meets the requirements of GMP. It completely solves the problem of bacterial contamination in biological product tanks. Based on the research of European fermenters, the automatic control of the sterilization process of the fermenter is realized through a simple pipeline and heat exchange system, and the labor intensity of the experimenter is reduced. The structure is simple and the operation is stable.
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Stainless steel tank body, the part in contact with the material is 316L stainless steel, the tank body has no dead ends, and the spherical tank bottom head;

Stirring method: Directly coupled mechanical stirring driven by the upper part or indirect coupled mechanical stirring method driven by the lower part of the magnetic force, the structure is simple and the operation is stable;

Sterilization method: BLBIO-SIP automatic program sterilization (leading technology, stable quality, low failure rate, reducing the labor intensity of operators);

Temperature: Cooling water temperature +5℃~80℃±0.2℃ Tap water or ice water cooling, external circulation heating, avoid local overheating, and stable temperature control.

pH: 2.00~12.00±0.05 Two-way switch control of two peristaltic pumps;

DO: 0~100%±3%;

Stirring: 50~1000rpm±10% stepless speed regulation, mechanical stirring by shaft coupling or mechanical stirring by magnetic transmission;

Feeding: Peristaltic pump duty cycle switch control;

Defoaming: Sensitivity 100~100000Ω electrode detection, peristaltic pump duty cycle switch control to add defoamer;

LBR-B type, C type, S type control system optional: Siemens S7-200 series PLC control system, it is a mature, stable and general-purpose PLC, which can be suitable for various applications of automation, especially manufacturing applications in process control. Its modularization, easy to realize distributed configuration and easy to master, etc., Siemens PLC control core has become an economical and advanced control system in the implementation of biological reaction process control. The system uses a tablet computer of more than 10 inches to control 7 direct parameters such as pH, DO, tank pressure, temperature, rotation speed, defoaming, and feeding, as well as the automatic sterilization process of the tank pipeline. The pH and DO electrodes can be easily calibrated through the software; The initial control state of the given parameters.


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