50L Automatic Vaccine Bioreactor
50L Automatic Vaccine Bioreactor

50L Automatic Vaccine Bioreactor

Vaccine culture fermenters are commonly used for vaccine culture and production on an industrial scale. Tianhui Company can provide engineering general contract including design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, personnel training, process system, etc.; and can be combined with cultivated products to assist users in GMP and other qualification demonstrations. Special specifications can be customized, and special requirements can be specially designed.
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LBR-XV series fermenter is our company's unique equipment for bacterial vaccine culture: fully sealed, zero leakage, pollution-free and maintenance-free. The double-end mechanical seal completely solves the problem of bacterial contamination in biological product tanks. Various parameters in fermentation such as pH, DO, temperature and rotational speed can be monitored by the controller, and all data and control parameters can be transmitted to the controller or computer. The structure is compact, and various components can be integrated on the fermentation system. You can choose to use the direct coupling mechanical stirring method driven by the upper part or the indirect coupling mechanical stirring method of the lower driving magnetic force. The structure is simple and the operation is stable.

Diameter to height ratio: 1:1~2.5;

Filling coefficient: 70%;

Tank body: 316L stainless steel, easy to clean; stainless steel inner polishing accuracy Ra≤0.4;

Tank function: intake sterilization filter, exhaust condenser, including intake and exhaust treatment system, motor: sew AC motor for fermentation tank; double seal on the upper shaft end to ensure zero leakage;

Ventilation: Multi-channel ventilation, thermal mass flowmeter automatically controls air flow and oxygen flow

Pressure: Pressure control range: 0-0.3Mpa, pressure regulating valve adjusts the outlet pressure, digital remote display.

Stirring system: Stirring form: straight, oblique blade stirring paddle (multi-stage);

Fermentation pH control function: intelligent PID control, Mettler PH electrode;

Fermentation dissolved oxygen control function: intelligent PID control, METTLER DO electrode;

Temperature control: intelligent PID control, electric heating, water cooling, circulating pump cycle temperature control;

Feeding: perfect feeding system (acid, alkali, foaming enemy, culture agent);

Exhaust: exhaust after heating, filtering and inactivation;

Fermentation broth weighing system (optional): online detection of fermentation broth volume* (weight), load cell *Mettler (Load cell);

JIP tank cover automatic lifting system: automatic lifting tank cover, easy to clean and maintain;

LBR-SIP tank pipeline automatic sterilization system: automatic program sterilization, reducing labor intensity and improving sterilization accuracy;

LBR-CIP tank automatic cleaning system (optional): automatic cleaning;

LBR-D type control system: Siemens S7-200 series PLC + 12-inch tablet computer touch screen display, on-site direct operation (menu type), full Chinese menu and interface; it can also transmit data with the upper computer, sample and display the tank data , browse analysis of system data, read settings. Control or collect parameters such as pH, DO, tank pressure, temperature, rotation speed, air flow, feed weighing, fermentation broth volume, etc., and can easily calibrate pH and DO electrodes through software; set the initial control state of the parameters; have independent Curve analysis system; directly analyze the historical curve.


Stirring speed: using special motor for fermentation tank, speed: 50~1000rpm stepless speed change; accuracy: ±1rpm;

PH control: intelligent PID control, automatic acid/alkali supplementation; range: 2~12ph; control accuracy: ±0.02ph;

DO control: intelligent PID control, related to feeding, rotating speed, air flow, pressure; range: 0~100%, control accuracy: ±3%;

Temperature control: intelligent PID control; electric heating water cooling; range: cooling water temperature +5~80℃; accuracy: ±0.1℃;

Foam control: peristaltic pump supplements defoamer, automatic control;

Ventilation: automatic adjustment, digital display;

Tank pressure: automatic adjustment, digital display;


bioreactor fermenter project case