Off-site Sterilization Magnetic-drive Glass Fermenter
Off-site Sterilization Magnetic-drive Glass Fermenter

Off-site Sterilization Magnetic-drive Glass Fermenter

LBR-XGJ Series
Off-site sterilization glass fermenter (stainless steel jacketed temperature control). It isuitable for culture of microbial, yeast and fungi, etc. Ready to use, simple operation, easy to learn and use.Shaft drive is suitable for cultures of high density, high viscosity and high oxygen consumption. It has strong versality.
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Nominal volume: 0.2/0.5/0.7/1/2/3/5/7/10/15 liters

Magnetic stirring: diameter-height ratio: 1:2-3; liquid filling coefficient: 70%

Tank body: The tank bottom is made of 316L stainless steel, and the stainless steel cooling jacket is easy to operate and clean; the inner polishing accuracy of stainless steel is Ra≤0.4; the part in contact with the material is 316L

Motor: AC motor, can run in harsh environment;

Ventilation: Rotameter display, adjust the flow of gas according to process requirements

Stirring system: A magnetic stirring system suspended on a strong magnetic machine (full seal, zero leakage, no pollution, changing the dynamic seal into a static seal, completely solving the problem of bacterial contamination in biological product tanks); there is no thimble at the bottom, and the stirring speed is 0~1000rpm;

Stirring form: straight blade stirring paddle (second level), mechanical compression type defoaming paddle (first level)

Fermentation pH control function: adopt intelligent PID control, special PH electrode;

Fermentation dissolved oxygen control function: using intelligent PID control, special DO electrode;

Temperature control: Large-area stainless steel jacket ensures enough heat exchange area, electric heating, water cooling, with good heat exchange efficiency; cooling water +5~65℃, ±0.2℃, resolution 0.1℃.

Feeding: perfect feeding system

Sterilization: Sterilization in a sterilizer;

LBR-B type control system is optional: The biological process controller is composed of the wellhead industrial control computer and I/O channels, and uses a 10" liquid crystal display as the display interface, with rich and complete display contents. The system has a variety of related controls: speed and The correlation control of dissolved oxygen, the correlation control of feeding and dissolved oxygen, the correlation control of feeding and pH value, etc.; the system has real-time display, data and recording, data analysis (bar graph, curve graph and batch report) of the running process. , output printing, password management, abnormal analysis and other functions, Chinese interface. The recording screen can display multiple different curves at the same time, if necessary, more curves can be displayed at one time; you can select any number of curves from different fermentation batches to display at the same time, and compare and analyze ; The parameters of each detection and control loop can be manually set and corrected online on the screen, and the temperature, DO, PH sensor can be adjusted and adjusted, and the flow rate of each peristaltic pump can be calibrated. The operation has a password protection function.


Stirring speed: speed: 0~1000rpm infinitely variable; accuracy: ±1rpm;

PH control: display range: 0.00~14.0ph; ±0.01ph, automatic control range: 2.00~12.00ph Control accuracy: ±0.02ph, resolution: 0.01ph;

DO control: can be associated with the speed; range: 0.1~150%, control accuracy: ±3%; resolution: 0.1%;

Temperature control: Range: cooling water temperature +5~65℃; Accuracy: ±0.2℃; Resolution: 0.1℃;

Foam control: electrode detection, peristaltic pump replenishing defoamer, automatic control;

Ventilation: manual adjustment, flow meter display;

Tank pressure: manual adjustment, pressure gauge display; range: 0~0.20Map;


bioreactor fermenter project case

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