0.5L Double Off-site Sterilization Magnetic Mixing Mini Bioreactor
0.5L Double Off-site Sterilization Magnetic Mixing Mini Bioreactor

0.5L Double Off-site Sterilization Magnetic Mixing Mini Bioreactor

Multiple mini bioreactor a real mini bioreactor, it is suitable for initial strain screening, greatly saving time and material costs.
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Examples of main application areas:

1. Discovery of secondary metabolites or new enzymatic activities in heterogeneous mixed culture products

2. High-throughput screening research, mutant strain distribution research and construction of E. coli library or yeast library;

3. Metabolic flux studies and high-throughput screening of highly active mutants;

4. Comparative studies, such as: isolation and screening of clinical strains;

5. Optimization of growth medium for cell lines or high-yielding strains;

Nominal volume: 0.1-1 liter

Diameter-height ratio: 1:1.5~2; Filling coefficient: 70%

Modular design of the system (non-traditional integrated), which can be split and expanded freely. Each module can operate independently without interfering with each other, ensuring good repeatability and parallelism, so as to realize rapid and precise development of process condition exploration. The desktop (non-floor) compact design of the whole machine, the size does not exceed: 1.5m*0.8m*0.9m (length, width and height), to adapt to the tight laboratory space.

The exhaust gas has an anhydrous condenser, and no external cooling water is required.

Innovative waterless temperature module: It can be used for 8 tanks at the same time. The innovative waterless temperature control module can independently control the temperature of each tank without external cooling water auxiliary equipment, reducing the surrounding water environment for fermentation. Temperature control range: 10~45℃; Accuracy: ±0.1℃.

Stirring control module: can control 4-12 tanks at the same time, equipped with servo drive motor, speed control range: 50-1000rpm. PID control with manual, automatic or cascade control settings.

DO control module: 4 high temperature sterilization DO probes, DO display control range 0.0-150.0%, accuracy: ±1.0%. Dissolved oxygen can be controlled in forward or reverse cascade through parameters/behaviors such as stirring speed, air ventilation, feeding, etc. Three cascade modes of parallel, series and cross can be used to achieve more precise control;

pH control module: for 4 tanks at the same time. The acid/base pump can be controlled in conjunction with the feed pump to maintain the balance of the substrate concentration in the reactor. 4 autoclavable pH probes. Control range 2.00-12.00±0.01;

Precision feed pump module: 16 units, each with 4 watson-marlow peristaltic pumps. Each feed pump module must operate independently with power supply, and can be freely split and combined (non-integrated) according to the different flow processing processes of each tank. Accurately control the amount of feed to achieve batch, fed, continuous and perfusion culture modes;

Gas distribution module: available for 4 tanks. Equipped with rotameter to manually control the intake air, range: 0~2L/min

Foam/Level Control: Foam control is achieved through foam probe sensing liquid level and automatic addition of defoamer.


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