1L Mechanical Mixing Mini Bioreactor
1L Mechanical Mixing Mini Bioreactor

1L Mechanical Mixing Mini Bioreactor

1L mini bioreactor a real mini bioreactor, it is uitable for initial strain screening, greatly saving time and material costs.
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1. Nominal volume: 0.1-1 liter

2. Diameter-height ratio: 1:1.5~2; Liquid loading coefficient: 70%

3. Tank body: high-temperature and corrosion-resistant borosilicate glass tank and 316L stainless steel tank cover, in line with fermentation process, mechanical seal, intake sterilization filter, exhaust condenser

4. Ventilation: The rotameter is displayed, and the flow of the gas is adjusted according to the process requirements

5. Sterilization: off-site sterilization;

6. LBR-B type control system: Siemens S7-200 series PLC control system in Germany and D countries + 10" LCD touch screen display and operation, full Chinese menu and interface; can use USB for data transmission, sampling and display tank data, system Browse and analyze data, read settings.


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