1L Quadruple Off-site Sterilization Mechanical Mixing Mini Bioreactor
1L Quadruple Off-site Sterilization Mechanical Mixing Mini Bioreactor

1L Quadruple Off-site Sterilization Mechanical Mixing Mini Bioreactor

Multiple mini bioreactor a real mini bioreactor. It is suitable for initial strain screening, greatly saving time and material costs
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The multi-connected micro glass biological fermentation system adopts a color touch screen to display all measured values and control parameters, which greatly facilitates the user's operation. 4 peristaltic pumps are installed on the front of the control box, which can replenish the fermenter with acid, alkali, defoamer and medium. Various parameters in fermentation such as pH, DO, temperature and rotational speed can be monitored by the controller, and all data and control parameters can be transmitted to the controller or computer. The structure is compact, and various components can be integrated on the fermentation system. It adopts the direct coupling mechanical stirring driven by the upper part or the indirect coupling mechanical stirring mode of the lower driving magnetic force, which has a simple structure and stable operation. The sterilization method is off-site sterilization.


Nominal volume: 0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5/0.7/0.9/1 liter

Diameter to height ratio: 1:2~3; Liquid loading coefficient: 70%

Tank body: high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant borosilicate glass cylinder and 316L stainless steel combination,

Ventilation: Rotameter display, adjust the flow of gas according to process requirements

Fermentation pH control function: intelligent PID control, Mettler PH electrode;

Fermentation dissolved oxygen control function: intelligent PID control, METTLER DO electrode;

Temperature control: intelligent PID control, jacket electric heating, water cooling

Feeding: a complete feeding system (acid, alkali, foaming enemy, culture agent), which can be fed regularly and quantitatively;

Sterilization: off-site sterilization; Inoculation: Alcohol flame inoculation;


Stirring speed: Speed: 50~1000rpm Accuracy: ±1rpm;

PH control: using intelligent PID control, automatic acid/alkali supplementation; range: 2~12ph; control accuracy: ±0.02ph,

DO control: intelligent PID control, which can be related to the feeding speed; range: 0~100%, control accuracy: ±3%;

Temperature control: intelligent PID control; electric heating water cooling; range: cooling water temperature +5~60℃; accuracy: ±0.1℃;

Foam control: electrode detection, peristaltic pump replenishing defoamer, automatic control;

Ventilation: manual adjustment, flow meter display;

Tank pressure: manual adjustment, pressure gauge display; range: 0~0.20Map;


bioreactor fermenter project case