Multi-passage Shaker Type Mini Bioreactor
Multi-passage Shaker Type Mini Bioreactor

Multi-passage Shaker Type Mini Bioreactor

LBR-HYG series micro-bioreactor saves more than 10 times in time compared with general culture methods, and is the best tool for large-scale strain/cell strain screening and culture condition optimization research.
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Examples of main application areas:

• Discovery of secondary metabolites or new enzymatic activities in heterogeneous mixed culture products;

• High-throughput screening studies, mutant strain distribution studies, and construction of E. coli or yeast libraries;

• Metabolic flux studies and high-throughput screening of highly active mutants;

• Comparative studies, eg: isolation and screening of clinical strains;

• Optimization of growth media for cell lines or high-yielding strains;


The shaker-type micro multi-unit fermenter is very suitable for the screening of strains and has the following unique features:

Equipped with 1-6 glass jars 100ML-2000ML with pH electrodes and feeding jacks, it can measure the pH data during the fermentation process in real time, ensuring the environmental stability of the culture process and the needs of pure culture.

The glass jar is equipped with a stainless steel baffle, which greatly improves the oxygen supply environment in the medium.

It has a micro continuous feeding control system, which not only meets the needs of the production bacteria for the corresponding medium at different growth stages, but also hardly changes the growth environment of the microorganisms, ensuring the continuity and stability of the pure culture.

DO detection (optional)

The continuous pH curve that changes with time obtained by this device, as well as the feeding control (which constitutes cascade feedback control or non-correlated control with pH control), combined with the composition of the medium for correlation analysis, can preliminarily obtain the physiological metabolism of the relevant bacteria. The understanding of the characteristics provides an important basis for the technical research after strain screening and further optimization of the fermentation process.

LBR-B type control system: LCD touch screen display control: automatic control of pH, temperature, amplitude, manual adjustment of ventilation, and UV sterilization.


1. Obtaining more information about the microbial culture process

2. Determining differences between process and biological related effects

3. Replacing expensive fermenter experiments

4. Shortening research and development time for biological processes and culture conditions

5. Providing ideal screening conditions

6. Statistical culture media optimization studies

7. Easy operation. Culture conditions same as those of reference bottles

1. Shortening the time needed from the testing period to actual application

1. Shortening the cycle of product's appearance on the market


bioreactor fermenter project case

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